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The Jug for sale

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Printed Date: Sep 22 2018 at 8:47pm

Topic: The Jug for sale
Posted By: middletownscouter
Subject: The Jug for sale
Date Posted: Jul 31 2017 at 8:33am
Saw a post on facebook over the weekend that the owner of The Jug is looking to sell the business.

Posted By: buddhalite
Date Posted: Jul 31 2017 at 9:09pm
Do they still have the old draft rootbeer over there?  I used to love to grab a burger and a root beer back in the day...

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."—Henry David Thoreau

Posted By: swohio75
Date Posted: Aug 02 2017 at 12:39pm
I am not surprised.  Seasonal business model must make it difficult to find non-school aged help.  With schools starting so early, gotta be tough on staffing.

Which is why, as I drove past J&W on Germantown Rd, I noticed their last day for the season is (was) July 31.

Posted By: John Beagle
Date Posted: Aug 02 2017 at 1:49pm
I believe that is for sale every year. No one want to work that hard anymore.

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Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Aug 02 2017 at 3:19pm
Just thinking about the Jug situation. An icon in this city. Over time, the menu prices have been raised to the point where I personally don't think it is worth considering as a place to eat anymore price wise versus what you take home in the bag for supper.

They could lose the waffle fries and get back to the old fashion French Fries they use to serve IMO.

Still like the nostalgic car hop/tray on lowered window approach. Presents a time warp in a way. The "Jug boy" (or girl now) is iconic as well although Sonic tries to mimic this, but, to me, it is not the same at Sonic.

Get rid of the paper cups and go with the frosted mugs again unless the stealing of the mugs is so cost prohibitive that it cuts into the profit margin too much to replace them.

Lower those menu prices to represent a more affordable level to the customers who would frequent the Jug. Offer some weekly coupons that was offered years ago to help on the family night prices and large orders. Offer a "crusing environment" (yeah, I know the youngin's don't do that anymore) and offer a live band along with it. How about a car show and gift coupons for the winners.

The location is a problem too. When you think about going out to pick up a meal, you think fast food row first and may not even remember that the Jug is a choice. That's why advertising, which again cuts into the profit margin, would be an absolute must for the Jug. Gotta keep the name in people's minds as an alternative to Steak and Shake and McD's. Advantage to them as to location. Still the unique taste of the burger is a Jug advantage.

Back to activity and customer lure.....

If the activity was ramped up and the noise level became a nuisance, the neighbors might complain. Always will be a problem as the Jug is located in a residential area more or less.

I dunno how you would get the Jug revitalized unless you offered something different, affordable and appealing. Keeping the staff on board when the kids went back to school? How does Sonic keep their carhops on board or is it a revolving door with them as well? MUM students? Retirees?

I'm so proud of my hometown and what it has become. Recall 'em all. Let's start over.

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Aug 02 2017 at 3:33pm
I like the current Jug quality of food--prices are steep, but the 1/4lb cheeseburger is better than the $14 burger downtown imo. Seasonal help is tough, and not the best service outside(I go inside to get it more quickly). Current  operator is a hard-working hands-on good guy. Of course I sold him the burger and a lot of things in my day. Y'all were eating my product in many local establishments wheter u knew it or not lol.

I hope it stays as good as it is--though bossman is correct--current operator is usually ready to sell by season's end lol again

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Aug 14 2017 at 8:21pm
Spiderjohn 2017 seasonal cheeseburger ratings now available!!:
1. Jug 1/4lb lettuce tomato onion mayo
2. Jug double
3. BRCC American
4. Cozy Cafe version

Old Meadows cheeseburger inducted in to the local HOF

Other thoughts?

Posted By: processor
Date Posted: Aug 16 2017 at 11:15am
You missed Flip Side in Liberty.  I think they are one of the best

Posted By: middletownscouter
Date Posted: Aug 16 2017 at 12:10pm
I went to Flip Side at Liberty Center and wasn't impressed.  It probably didn't help that they brought me my burger with the paper still on the cheese.  If I'm traveling down that way for a burger, I'd just as soon hit Five Guys.  Or go another exit south to Tylersville and hit Way Back Burger.

But what I'd really love is to be able to get a burger like those in Middletown any day of the week.  It seems the only way to ensure that is to just make my own.

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Aug 16 2017 at 2:37pm
dont know flip side--where??
jug closes saturday and probably sold 
great run by current owner--sad day

Posted By: middletownscouter
Date Posted: Aug 16 2017 at 3:23pm
Flip Side is in Liberty Center, in the same building as Pies & Pints and Cheesecake Factory.

Posted By: middletownscouter
Date Posted: Apr 02 2018 at 9:34am
For those who aren't on Facebook or didn't see it in their news feed, The Jug opens for the 2018 season today.  Open 11-8.

I believe they got a new owner, as they are advertising they will be open 7 days a week.  The previous owner would closed on Sundays.

There are two types of people: those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. People who walk the walk sometimes talk the talk but most times they don't talk at all, 'cause they walkin.'

Posted By: middletownscouter
Date Posted: Sep 19 2018 at 10:42am
According to the sign out front, The Jug will be open through November this year.  Still time to get some Jug Burgers, fries, and a root beer float from a locally owned business that has been around longer than probably any of us on this forum!

There are two types of people: those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. People who walk the walk sometimes talk the talk but most times they don't talk at all, 'cause they walkin.'

Posted By: FmrMide81
Date Posted: Sep 20 2018 at 12:12pm
Used to live on Eastline Drive and walked there once and ate inside at the counter. Let's just say that you're better off in your car just imagining what it looks like in the kitchen. (Probably true of most eateries but this was pretty bad...)

Posted By: buddhalite
Date Posted: Sep 20 2018 at 4:21pm
Good news! I figured they were already closed for the season and forgot about them.  Love those burgers.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."—Henry David Thoreau

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Sep 20 2018 at 5:47pm
liked the 1/4lb'er best--didn't understand them dropping it for a 1/2lber while keeping the double burger and the "Jug Boy" version of the Big Boy--like their milk shakes---still eat ther though liked it much better with the prior owner

And yes----spider knows the "secret" ingredient in the original Jug patty recipe...did a lot of business with them over the years, supplying a lot of ground beef

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