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7-Nov-2017 Middletown Voter Turnout

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Topic: 7-Nov-2017 Middletown Voter Turnout
Posted By: middletownscouter
Subject: 7-Nov-2017 Middletown Voter Turnout
Date Posted: Nov 08 2017 at 11:43am

Note: While this post is about the election results, putting it in this forum because it isn't about a single race but about the results in general and the lack of engagement in the process by the vast majority of those who have the privilege to help shape our local government and decide it's future.

So the election results are in, and the big takeaway here isn't in who won or who lost, but in the turnout.

There are a grand total of 49,260 registered voters among all the precincts that had Middletown area races (City Council, School Board or Municipal Court) on their ballots.  These span over two counties (Butler & Warren) and multiple municipalities (Middletown obviously, and also Trenton and then some or all of Lemon, Madison, Franklin and Turtlecreek Townships).  The total (unofficial yet counted complete) results are that a total of 10,688 of those voters went to their polling places and cast a ballot yesterday (or did so early or via absentee ballot), for a whopping 21.70% total turnout.

This honestly, given that it is an off-year for elections, seems to be decent turnout compared to previous elections.  The key word here is compared to, because those turnouts frankly suck.

38,572 registered voters couldn't be bothered to go to the polls.  That’s 78.3%, far and away the overwhelming majority of voters.

What does that tell us?  That’s they’ve tried and given up because they don’t like previous results?  That they don’t think their voice makes a difference?  It’s possible.  Or that they simply don't care anymore, or have never cared enough to be involved in the process?    Far more likely.  One thing it tells us is that all the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle/fence/chambers/whatever saying the majority of Middletonians feel one way or the other is just patently false.  The majority of Middletonians appear not to care one way or the other.

So maybe we all dial back the rhetoric a bit moving forward and figure out what needs to be done to get the majority of Middletonians to care enough about what is going on in this city to be even somewhat remotely involved in the process?

Until then anytime we see someone saying that the majority of the people in this town think one way or another, know that you're just making it up because the numbers prove the majority don't care enough to have an opinion.

[If you're wondering where I got these figures, you can see the spreadsheet I created at" rel="nofollow - .  I pulled all those numbers straight from both the Butler and Warren County Boards of Election websites.]

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