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2018: Mulligan, Mulligan, Vitori, Moon & Bohannon

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Printed Date: Oct 18 2018 at 8:17am

Topic: 2018: Mulligan, Mulligan, Vitori, Moon & Bohannon
Posted By: Analytical
Subject: 2018: Mulligan, Mulligan, Vitori, Moon & Bohannon
Date Posted: Dec 04 2017 at 2:36pm
In one month, the new Middletown City Council will be seated.  Of these five members (Joe Mulligan, Larry
Mulligan, Amy Vitori, Talbott Moon and Steve Bohannon), which person(s), if any, can be counted upon to
represent objective, independent thinking?  Will city council members approve further "downtown" subsidies
beyond the "gifts" already handed to project re-developers on a "silver platter"?  Will they re-confirm Mr. Adkins
"slash and burn" older neighborhoods housing blitzkrieg?  What's the total cost of these city actions? Time will
only tell if taxpayers remain passive or choose to speak out.  A bright, sustainable city of the future is at hand!

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Dec 04 2017 at 3:33pm
imo all the above are capable of objective independent thinking. but once the group mentality takes over and they embrace Mr.A's "unanimous vote solidarity", probably nothing directional will change. They are in FAR too deep on the former downtown area to stop now, though the district has improved and is continuing forward somewhat on it's own. It is the rest of the city that has been allowed to wither and die. Numerous(pretty much all) strip centers are deserted and/or on life support. Realistic retail and nutritional shopping honestly doesn't exist. We can't work pre-emptively to save what is left, though we can throw tens of thousands of $$$ on a f'n candy store, numerous bars and artsy nick knack flea market shops.(while not mentioning all of the very expensive stalled taxpayer funded property and improvement giveaways which seem to be nowhere near ending or being monitored). The outside areas have been busy filling these voids, and have no real need to locate within the city limits now.

So--despite qualified and knowledgeable locals serving, I don't see anything changing within either city admin or our school system. It is far too unpopular and uncomfortable to buck this struggling system. 
No one can honestly say that it all has worked out anywhere near as successfully as hoped.


Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Dec 04 2017 at 6:26pm
Joe Mulligan- had a previous stint on council. Demonstrated the rubber stamping yes mantra the entire time. Worthless to the city as to contributions. Just a mere puppet doing the old Adkins two step at each juncture. I can't believe he is back. Do the voters have that short of memory or were they oblivious to his lack of contributions the first time? Note to voters.....please stop voting for name recognition and actually take the time to judge the performance the first go-around. Very hollow performance.

Larry Mulligan- has hurt this city for years with his insistence on seeing through with the MMF agenda and the dam downtown nonsense we are having crammed down our throats. Most who live here don't want what is happening in the downtown. Forced culture doesn't work in a blue-collar community. Never will. It is only a few artsy fru fru people that are being appeased. This city government doesn't care about the majority who live here, just their buddies. Old Lar has helped maintain this agenda for years. You have helped damage your hometown Mulligan. You are incapable of feeling shame I would guess.

Moon? I can't see anything he has contributed since sitting behind that desk. Just seems to go along with anything and everything Adkins and company present. Asks no questions. Always votes yes. Apparently doesn't see anything wrong with the direction for the city and is a suit that breathes at each meeting. Hardly independent in his thinking or approach.

Bohannon.....see Moon. (and while on the subject, what is the latest on the Bohannon conflict of interest or are we going to let it die and let him win?)

Vitori.....TBD with caution advised especially on downtown development issues and money used. She just might add to the ill-fated regimen of giving taxpayer money to city pals and seeing nothing down the road as to actual activity on development. We shall see.

I see no real positive change with the new combo after January. SSDD

Gonna have to completely change the complexion of council as to personality and independent thinking. Need to stop accepting the Adkins Doctrine hook, line, and sinker. Need a competent council who will force a change in direction for this city. We do not have competency now in city leadership. This town needs a purge of it's officials. Many need to leave. Otherwise, we continue to ride the Highway To Hell.

I'm so proud of my hometown and what it has become. Recall 'em all. Let's start over.

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