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IF I were to run...

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Category: Middletown City Government
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Forum Description: Discuss individual members and council as a legislative body.
Printed Date: Feb 19 2019 at 4:50pm

Topic: IF I were to run...
Posted By: buddhalite
Subject: IF I were to run...
Date Posted: Dec 19 2017 at 7:27pm

If I were to run – here would be my platform:

I would be the candidate of NO!  Sometimes you just have to say no in order to accomplish anything good!

No cronyism.  This city has been burned numerous times over by the good 'ol boy network.  Not under my watch.

No backdoor deals.  This council consistently by the direction of the City Manager violates the spirit of the sunshine laws by conducting any/all work on a given topic out of the sight of the city populace.

No bowing to peer pressure.  I will not be a councilman who goes along simply to get along.  My purpose is to represent the CITIZENRY – not my fellow councilpersons nor the city manager.

No more spending on pipe dreams.  While the jury may still be out on whether downtown can sustain its tepid growth – it’s time for this city to move on and stop spending money on recreating the oft reminisced Saturday afternoons when Grandpa would walk us down Central Avenue and buy us all ice cream cones.  It is 2017 – times have changed – and it’s time to move on.

No more relying upon ‘emergency’ legislation as a city.  We have far too many ‘EMERGENCY’ legislative items for reasons that are beyond me (other than pushing through items without scrutiny).

No more wanton seizing of property.  There’s a better way to fix the housing crisis.

No more taking years to formulate plans, taking a year for feedback, taking another year to enact while our city goes down in flames.  Let’s get to fixing the problems already.

No more running through council meetings with a steam roller.  There WILL be discussion, there will be questions – even if I have to do all of it myself.  Sometimes you gotta be a thorn….

No more allowing private interests to invade the better public good.  See Kettering. 

No more abatements to unworthy projects.  See well, just about every giveaway in the last 18 months.

No more standing in the way of development.  Let’s quit argiuing over facades and trees and get commerce rolling again in Middletown!

No more of council deciding winners and losers.  See Ryan homes, Dedicated Motivated, Grandpa Joe's and many more.

There’s only one thing that can truly make Middletown ever be a testament to its former self…..JOBS!

Not part-time candy shop jobs – not restaurant jobs – REAL jobs that pay living wages that one can use to support a family.  We spent far too many years as a city relying upon Armco/AK to pay the bills and none generating new growth and jobs.  We’ve watched as Monroe reaped the benefits of our arrogance.  We have watched as Liberty literally sprang up out of nowhere (and there’s a solid group of them that are former Middies – yep, they got tired of the nonsense and just left!)

We need to get jobs back in our city – and it won’t be easy.  Council should have risen up and slew the planning commission over the Kettering deal – but since they didn’t and didn’t do anything – the whole world now knows we are anti-business in this city.

Liberty, Monroe, West Chester, et. al., all have one thing in common - they've made themselves a DESTINATION!  My goal is to bring the jobs and bring the business that will make Middletown more than just another exit on the highway - it needs to be a DESTINATION!

We have to get back to the basics – and replace the council with people who will say NO!  Only then can we right the wrongs – make the changes necessary to bring jobs to our city – and once again allow Middletown to be the wonderful, vibrant and economically superb city it can be!

Now mind you - this is if I WERE to run.....I'm not saying I am nor am not at this point, got a lot to consider (family, money, survival, etc).  Looking for feedback (honest feedback) and some help to bolster this into a true platform and I know it really needs refinement.  I think that after truly considering everything that I've been able to absorb from these forums and what I've personally seen - I thought I'd throw all this out there and see what sticks!  Would love to know everyone's thoughts.

And after watching tonight's council meeting on YT - I'm even more determined than ever!


"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."—Henry David Thoreau

Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Dec 20 2017 at 2:24am
This all sounds good buddhalite. Just need to have two more people with the same platform run to make it a majority 3 of 5 council members to make a difference. Would love to see Mulligan and company in the minority for once. Like to see the city change directions in many areas. Also like to see Adkins actually have to make an argument concerning his agenda for the city for a change. Too easy for him now as he gets everything he wants and the five puppets automatically approve anything and everything he questions asked. (No checks and balances between council and city manager). This includes the extra 25 grand they are considering to add to his salary. That will be rubber stamped when the time comes as well. All represent the city agenda. None represent the people who live here. The city agenda and what people want may be two totally different things. So what do the voters do? They place another Mulligan on council, one who did more rubber stamping and did very little the first time he was there, to continue the platform of non-representation of the people. Why? Have a wait and see on Vitori. We all should know which side she is on shortly after she sits behind the council desk. Will be watching to see if she participates on any downtown voting issues. If so, wouldn't that be a conflict of interest since any city investment/activity could help her business interests? I hope she will abstain during those moments. Would like to see her questioning things during council meetings as well. Doubtful, but perhaps that will teach the others on council to do the same.

I'm so proud of my hometown and what it has become. Recall 'em all. Let's start over.

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Dec 20 2017 at 7:55am
go for it
we need the variety
we need the discussion
we need the economic and agenda diversity
we need some change


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