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Property taxes going up

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Printed Date: May 26 2019 at 12:12pm

Topic: Property taxes going up
Posted By: What A City
Subject: Property taxes going up
Date Posted: Oct 12 2018 at 9:09am
According to a recent Journal story, it looks like the schools are at it again. It would appear that the levy the yes voters approved a few years ago to build the new elementary schools had some excess money to the tune of 10 million. Somehow, the yes voters approved a 45 million dollar bond levy but they had money left over, which will now go into improving yet another school in this district. No new bond levy is needed, however, your property taxes will still go up based on the information in the story. have no say in the matter as you will not be allowed to vote on how the additional money is spent. 

Now, I don't know how most of you feel about this, but to me, this is exactly what I would expect from a school system that has played games with the voters in the past. It ties into the games being played occasionally at One Donham Plaza by our city leaders at times. 

I still don't know what we have gotten for our 45 million for the new elementary schools nor the 96 million spent on the high school addition and the new middle school. The district has gotten everything they have asked for in new facilities but haven't improved at all in attaining better results. That makes the situation a total waste of money to date. We hear the traditional "rah rah" speeches from the new superintendent but see no upward, positive measurable results to date. The school "culture" may be changing but it has yielded no success in the classroom. The scores and indicators have remained the same for the last two decades. Where is all of this upward, "it's getting better" direction we keep hearing about from the superintendent and the school board? What scores are they looking at for them to have this opinion? 

When will the yes voters realize they have been scammed and haven't reaped one benefit from their tax dollars? I don't understand why anyone would put money against a losing enterprise. It doesn't make any sense. No levy should be approved without evidence that the money spent so far is helping this district. Otherwise, the schools will remain a money pit for the taxpayers. 

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