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Viet Nam onPBS

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Topic: Viet Nam onPBS
Posted By: whistlersmom
Subject: Viet Nam onPBS
Date Posted: Sep 29 2017 at 9:48am

Have you been watching PBS’s program “Vietnam War”? It’s extremely hard to watch. For those who are from that era it may be too painful to watch at all.

But if, in your own mind, you can filter the parts that are so emotionally unbearable; I think you will see an underlying problem that exists today. The film maker, Ken Burns, has made it quite plain to me that this war was started, conducted and finally even ended for mainly personal political reasons.

The tapes of White House meetings were most damning for all the administrations involved. In short, I think they reveal that most (not all) of our politicians (right to the very top) consider themselves, their personal image, personal gain, and power, more important than anything else. Obviously the consequences for the nation were dire. (The current international situation is scaring the h… out of me. Will we, can we survive more of this?)

Our political climate has not changed! If our federal government fosters such cancerous corruption, no wonder every little local politician and bureaucrat who is so inclined thinks they can do it too! And they are! See any parallels?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing" Edmond Burke

Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Oct 01 2017 at 5:52pm
There are over 58,000 names on the Wall that died solely for the ambitions of the rich and powerful. The Washington politicians called the shots during the war. The military was left hanging out to dry. Washington would not let the military win the war. Played the game of gaining ground on one day just to lose it the next day. Terrible waste of men. The protests were directed toward the wrong people.....the soldier. Should have been directed toward the people really pulling the strings......the politicians from the President on down to the lowest position involved with the war in Washington. Unlike today, the people hated the military at the time. Glad to see the military appreciated now after all these years.

It is a shame we never will be able to make those who were really to blame pay the price. Those who made the decisions should have been jailed in hindsight. Many in charge then are deceased. It is a crime what those with connections, money and power are allowed to get away with. Never will change. Sad.

I'm so proud of my hometown and what it has become. Recall 'em all. Let's start over.

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