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Sonshine Building

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Topic: Sonshine Building
Posted By: 409
Subject: Sonshine Building
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 3:09pm
Part of the brick facing fell from the Manchester Ave. and the Main St. sides of the Sonshine building.
The gas lines are being replaced on these two sides. Coincidence?

Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 3:34pm
Don't remember too much about this building. Was there a Western Auto in there, maybe back in the 50's? Was Sears there at one time? Remember Sears being down by the Sorg Theater (I think)in the 60's ????? before moving out to the Towne Mall.

Posted By: ground swat
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 6:04pm
That will bring the students downtown!?

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 6:33pm
thanx 4 the pics 409
went down to see it after da job 2day
wow---that place needs to come down like yesterday or sooner
brought on by the work in front obviously--a fortunate warning
so--our former downtown area is crumbling b4 our eyes
maybe for the best
level Main St--the soona the bettah
C St peeps had better watch out where they walk and park their cars
so--if more of same collapses and someone is hurt there(or in the former Manchester--or bank corner--or studio/strand--or on the former Officve Outfitters--or the former rec center)), our city will have a serious liability problem

Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 7:47pm

Was this part of the city's Manchester purchase?  Someone needs to tell the owner to turn the darn lights off on the second floor.  They're always on every time I drive by.

Posted By: Mike_Presta
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 10:22pm
Originally posted by Bill Bill wrote:

Was this part of the city's Manchester purchase? 


“Mulligan said he ... doesn’t believe they necessarily make the return on investment necessary to keep funding them.” …The Middletown Journal, January 30, 2012

Posted By: Bocephus
Date Posted: Aug 09 2012 at 10:30pm
Originally posted by Mike_Presta Mike_Presta wrote:

Originally posted by Bill Bill wrote:

Was this part of the city's Manchester purchase? 

Why doesn't that shock anyone

Posted By: Vivian Moon
Date Posted: Aug 10 2012 at 4:43am

We are now getting a long list of dangerous buildings that will be costly to demo in the downtown area. We don’t have the money in the General Fund for these demos so I believe City Hall will need to do another bond for several million dollars to get this work completed. But that still leaves the question of the big pink elephant in the middle of the room known as the Manchester Inn. It will cost about 1.5 million to demo this property.
Where is all this money going to come from to take care of these problem structures?

Posted By: Mike_Presta
Date Posted: Aug 10 2012 at 6:50am
Originally posted by Vivian Moon Vivian Moon wrote:

Where is all this money going to come from to take care of these problem structures?
No problem!  These structures have now obviously become "public safety" issues.  They will simply take the money out of the PUBLIC SAFETY TAX FUND.  Of course this means that they will have to lay off a dozen or so police officers or firefighters, or both, but only until they can sneak another special election through when they can scare a couple thousand people into voting to INCREASE the "public safety" tax by another 0.25%.

“Mulligan said he ... doesn’t believe they necessarily make the return on investment necessary to keep funding them.” …The Middletown Journal, January 30, 2012

Posted By: Pacman
Date Posted: Aug 10 2012 at 7:35pm

I would suggest that when the French come to town for MidFest and they are driven around town, they will immediately think they are back in WW2 in a french city that the Germans just Bombed.  Maybe we can get them to buy all the buildings as a Memorial to their past historyLOLLOL

Personally, I am embarrassed to have any Nation come to town in see our downtown area.


Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Aug 10 2012 at 8:33pm
Good point Pac, I think continuing MiddFest does more harm than good to this city.  Can't someone pull Mrs. Ritan aside and convince her to stop beating a dead horse?

Posted By: spiderjohn
Date Posted: Aug 11 2012 at 7:27am
Uuulol bill--how is Midfest harmful?
A wonderful effort compromised by our current demographics.
Ms.Ritan should be thanked and praised for her long-running unselfish efforts to bring culture to this community.
The fact that few of you want it and appeciate it speaks loudly.
The thought that Midfest is beyond being a benefit is a sad commentary on our community(which can be pretty sad at times).
Pacman for example--a man who regularly boasted about never going west of Breiel Blvd.
He knows little about that area.

Posted By: Rhodes
Date Posted: Aug 11 2012 at 7:11pm
I think this particular building is all concrete behind that brick. Someone told me they used to park cars on the roof. Anyone heard this? If that's so, then the structure is most likely fine. I wonder why the brick came down unless there was some type of water intrusion behind those sections that separated it from the concrete building behind it over time.

Posted By: Pacman
Date Posted: Aug 11 2012 at 11:03pm

I still know lil' about that area and want to know even less.  When my son goes into the downtown area to a friends house, my wife then has to drive back to pick him up after dark. This is how the pick up goes. 

1.) My son's friends father tells her to keep all the doors locked
2.) Do not to get out of the car
3.) Call on the cell phone when she gets there,
4.) the friends father then walks my son (who is 6'2" 200#) to the car with a 2ft wrench
5.) and tells him to get into the car and lock it.

Now why in the hell would I want to know more about such a place as that??

Spider, you seems to be a glutton for punishment, constantly praising an area of the city which has seen it's best day and they will not return.

Please tell me exactly what it is I'm supposed to go downtown for.  There are no doctors, all of mine are at Atrium or out of town.  There is no shopping, unless I want second hand goods, Going to City Hall itself is an experience in not getting good service, the post office is over crowded and lacks parking, so I go to Monroe (I get better service there).  There are no restaurants downtown that haven't go out of business. 

Now they are building what would considered a high priced restuarant for that part of the city. Where it is stated the the steaks will be $25 a plate.  So it will cost a family of four well over $100.00 to eat there.  I don't see many rushing to eat there except for the good 'ole boys crowd.  And that will not support a restuarant of this type for long. 

If it is the owner of the Red Onion that is running this restaurant, he should have taken his 15 or so invester and looked into the building next the Long Horn on Old Roosevelt Rd.  The name should have been The Purple Onion, to go with Our Middletown Colors as opposed to the name that has been chosen.  They would be right off I75, they would have 8 hotels to draw from including the new Hampton Inn that's coming and they would probably find more support from the people on the east end who do not want to go downtown (such as myself). 

Personally, I and my family have grown tired of the restaurant choices in Middletown and now go north to Dayton or south to West Chester.

As far as Cincy State goes, I have talked to other college students in the area, some will go to MUM and some will go to Oxford and some will go to school in Cincinnati other than CS.  And they all claimed that CS will be there last choice, hence I can understand the difficulty in enrolling students. 

Of course this is all my own opinion and I do not have much regard for downtown after driving through it several times and seeing the mess down there.  It is my opinion that this city's future is on the east end and only the east end.


Posted By: 409
Date Posted: Dec 21 2018 at 2:55pm
This afternoon fencing was being installed around the whole building.
More brick had fallen.
Not sure who was doing the fencing or paying for it.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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