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Remember the library tax???

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Topic: Remember the library tax???
Posted By: Mike_Presta
Subject: Remember the library tax???
Date Posted: Jun 02 2013 at 3:02am
Does anyone else remember back in 2010 when the library tax issue came up???  Remember all the "woe is me" hand-wringing, we are going broke talk, and the lay-offs, and the reduced hours???
Well, take a peek at Tuesday night's City Council workbook, and you will find that in less than three years the then "Middletown" (now "MidPointe") Library has an unencumbered balance of over FIVE MILLION BUCKS in their General Fund, and another THREE MILLION+ in their Capital Fund!!!
Maybe they'll lower the tax now that they are flush with cash???

“Mulligan said he ... doesn’t believe they necessarily make the return on investment necessary to keep funding them.” …The Middletown Journal, January 30, 2012

Posted By: over the hill
Date Posted: Jun 02 2013 at 10:32am
well why don't you look at the balance in the city coffers before Ms. Judy arrived and look at the balance now. Some explanations would be nice and I don't mean "Spin City" on how it all went to bring back our downtown. The street fund,the sewer fund,Many other funds in earmarked accounts that have been raided.

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