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U.S. 2020 Census - What Will It Reveal?

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Topic: U.S. 2020 Census - What Will It Reveal?
Posted By: Nelson Self
Subject: U.S. 2020 Census - What Will It Reveal?
Date Posted: Dec 13 2018 at 10:22am
In a little over a year the decennial census will be conducted.  Some updated findings about Middletown will include?

1)  Population (gain or loss);
2)  Number of Poverty Level Income Households (gain or loss);
3)  Median Household Income (gain or loss);
4)  Number of Substandard Dwellings (gain or loss);
5)  Etc., Etc., Etc.

Posted By: itsamee
Date Posted: Dec 13 2018 at 10:55am
I would almost bet on things remaining steady. I would be surprised if there was a lot of change. We have seen less houses for sale in our area, and far less rentals. However, there is not a lot of gentrification of traditionally more impoverished places. AK Steel build a new building and there have been some job increases between them, Premier, and Kettering, but some of those jobs went to out of towners.   
Back to more local, my neighborhood has seen a lot of younger people with young families move in, so I would argue this represents an uptick in young professionals. So maybe a slight uptick in income and population?  

Itsa me, mario!

Posted By: VietVet
Date Posted: Dec 13 2018 at 11:48am
I'll take a shot on your question list Nelson....

1. Loss
2. Gain
3. Loss
4. Gain

I believe that the city is trying to reduce the population and, at best, are indifferent as to growing the city. They are in a "make the city undesirable to decent folks" mentality and have been for years.

I believe the city has invited any and all low income individuals to the city and has demonstrated that by taking on an overabundance of HUD program recipients/socially dependent users thereby lowering the clientele/quality of the people moving to the city. This, in turn, lowered the median household income. We no longer have the same quality of individual moving into this city that we had decades ago. The bar has been lowered as to what this city has attracted as to resident quality. Look at the once nice areas of the city that have been neglected for decades and have now fallen into the "undesirable for living" category. The neglect has pushed from the south and west sides toward the center, north and northeast sides of town in the last four decades.

I believe the city has a "demolish all old structures mentality" but has no program to replace the empty lots with new housing after demolition. The Maple Park school site on Tytus and old Manchester Rd. is one exception. They tend to tear things down but they don't seem to care about building something in it's place. Just look at the downtown for evidence of that. Many once occupied tracts of land that now stand vacant. (old Swallens/city garage site) Let's call it "Gilleland's Green Space" She mentioned she liked wide open spaces when she was City Manager I believe.
Adkins has just continued this trend and now the city has knocked down enough properties to give the city that "Dresden Germany after the bombing" look from WW2. There is plenty of "open space nothingness" to look at downtown and in the old second ward as well. Where are the replacements for this openness? As mentioned before, probably going to be hard to find any developers to build on the open areas, especially downtown. Not a good investment I wouldn't imagine if one would want to recoup their investment money and make a small profit.

I'm so proud of my hometown and what it has become. Recall 'em all. Let's start over.

Posted By: swohio75
Date Posted: Dec 13 2018 at 12:51pm

1)  Population (gain or loss);
- I believe the intermediate census estimate from 2017 showed a nominal gain over 2010 #s, and I would suspect that to hold true into 2020

2)  Number of Poverty Level Income Households (gain or loss);
- This is the tough one.  But I will say slight decline due to removal of substandard housing.  

3)  Median Household Income (gain or loss);
    - Slight gain.

4)  Number of Substandard Dwellings (gain or loss);
   - Is this even census reported information? 

I think the more interesting # will be the % of hispanics.  

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