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Stay out!

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Category: Middletown City Government
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Printed Date: Mar 02 2024 at 2:59pm

Topic: Stay out!
Posted By: Dead man walkin'
Subject: Stay out!
Date Posted: Dec 07 2022 at 12:25am
Why can't our city officials understand that the City doesn't belong in the real estate business?  If any of our city officials want to get in the real estate development game, let them do it their selves, on their own as private businesspeople with their own money, and leave us taxpayers (and our money) out of it.

If it isn't worth investing THEIR money, it isn't worth investing OURS!!!

Stay out of the real estate business.  That is NOT a legitimate function of municipal government.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil" (Psalm 23)

Posted By: buddhalite
Date Posted: Dec 11 2022 at 4:24am
Yeah, well, it doesn't seem to matter to our councilpersons.

First 16M for the mall - thank God that fell through - now this.

The city is not a toy to be played with by the council.  That is OUR tax dollars - WE pay that to the city - even State and Federal dollars - I don't care the source - guess who's money it is?


And, I was busy and didn't have time to check out the agena prior to the meeting...this crap of 'emergency' legislation is nonsense. This should have had the full 4 weeks of citizen comment and angry people at the podium like Hollywood and others get. They're bypassing the rules - the people of this city need to wake up!

I thought better of our Mayor than to go along with this crap - seems I was wrong about her too. All of 'em need to go.

"Every government intervention [in the marketplace] creates unintended consequences, which lead to calls for further government interventions." -Ludwig van Mises

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