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Middfest International

Middfest International on MiddletownUSA.com

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James 'Choppy' Saunders
Middfest International: Mongolia Next
A Valentine Night in Vegas
Elvis Coming to Middletown
MIDDFEST - The Netherlands - 10/5/07
Middfest International is Middletown, Ohio's premiere annual cultural event. Middfest features a worldly musical, dancing, eating, crafting, meeting people experience.

Entertainment comes from over two dozen countries since the festival's inception in 1981.

Each year at Middfest brings a new country to Middletown, with Mongolia being featured in 2008. Past countries that have been featured at Middfest International are:

1981 - Luxembourg
1982 - Mexico
1983 - Egypt
1984 - Brazil
1985 - Japan
1986 - Switzerland
1987 - Canada
1988 - Italy
1989 - India
1990 - Ireland
1991 - 10 Country Retrospective
1992 - Caribbean (Trinity & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Martinique)
1993 - Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia
1994 - New Zealand
1995 - Senegal & The Gambia
1996 - Argentina
1997 - Norway
1998 - Korea
1999 - South Africa
2000 - Turkey
2001 - Greece
2002 - 20 Year, 25 country Retrospective
2003 - Scotland
2004 - Chile
2005 - Indigenous Peoples
2006 - China
2007 - The Netherlands
2008 - Mongolia

Middfest International News & Information

Mongolian Middfest Opening Night Video- 10/5/08
Opening video from the 2008 Mongolian Middfest in Middletown, Ohio. Video by Rumford Productions.

Middfest Opening Preformances for 2008- 10/2/08
Pictures from opening of the Middfest International 2008 taken by Deborah Rumford.

Middfest Business Conference- 10/2/08
Mayor Larry Mulligan, Jr. stresses the importance of international relations and the desire of Middletown to establish trade relationships with Mongolia.

Mongolia Comes to Middletown- 9/23/08
Mongolia will be the host of Middfest 2008. It starts on October 3rd at 5:30 located on Donham Plaza.

Middfest International 2008- 9/8/08
Middfest International Seeks host families for visiting foreign performers.

Middfest 2008 in Middletown, Ohio-
Virginia Ritan, executive director of Middfest International, and Maria Langendorf discuss Mongolia, this year's featured country.

Middfest International Honors James 'Choppy' Saunders- 3/28/08
James Saunders one of Middletown's most respected citizens, will be honored by Middfest International.

Middfest Mongolia 2008 Early Alert- 1/8/08
Information and updates for Middfest featuring Mongolia.

Middfest International Picks Mongolia for 2008- 11/15/07
The October 3,4,5, 2008 Middfest International will feature the country of Mongolia. Middfest International is a year-long educational program culminating in a three-day cultural event in downtown Middletown, Ohio.


May 2, 2008 ... David Citron, US State Department Desk Officer for Mongolian Affairs, will address the Rotary Club of Cincinnati on Thursday, May 8, 2008, ...
US State Department Official to Speak on US Mongolian Relations ...
David Citron, US State Department Desk Officer for Mongolian Affairs, will discuss the importance of US-Mongolian relations and the Millennium Challenge ...

Middfest Kicks Off Conversation Series About Mongolia - 5/12/08
"Middfest International will host the first in a series of lectures about Mongolian culture, arts and religion on Tuesday May 13, 2008 at 6:30 pm... "

Choppy Saunders Middfest Tribute - 5/09/08
"Middfest International proudly paid homage to one of Middletown’s heroes, James “Choppy” Saunders at a tribute April 26th, 2008 at the Manchester Inn..."

Middfest Mongolian Conversation Sessions Announced - 5/06/08
"Mongolia, What is it? Where is it? Why do you want to know about it? Come to one or all of our conversation sessions to learn all about this fascinating..."

US-Mongolia Relations in Middletown - 5/02/08
"David Citron, US State Department Desk Officer for Mongolian Affairs, will address the Rotary Club of Cincinnati on Thursday, May 8, 2008, at 12 noon at the..."

Middfest Mongolia 2008 Early Alert - 1/08/2008
"The culmination of a year-long educational program is a three-day celebration of the art, culture, music, dance, history, science, food, religion, education..."

Middfest International Picks Mongolia for 2008 - 11/15/2007
"The October 3,4,5, 2008 Middfest International will feature the country of Mongolia. Middfest International is a year-long educational program..."

Middfest International Records High Heat and Large Crowds - 10/08/2007
"The 2007 Middfest International featuring The Netherlands closed a three-day event with 90 degree temperatures—a first for the annual cultural event...."

2007 Middfest Video - a Rumford Production - 10/08/2007
"Middfest swept into Middletown, Ohio this weekend and ended with a record hot day with temperatures reaching 90 degrees. Here is a Rumford video of..."

Saturday Middfest 2007 in Middletown, Ohio - 10/07/2007
"'A must see event if you are ever in Middletown,' says Middfest Event Vounteer, Rose Morgan. Music, dancing, and performances from acrobats..."

The Netherlands Middfest 2007 Opens in Middletown! - 10/06/2007
"Middfest got off with a clean sweep with the traditional street cleaning that took place with some of Middletown's most important citizens. See how..."

There's Tons To Do At Middfest - 10/05/2007
"Middfest International featuring The Netherlands begins today and stretches through to Sunday this weekend. Bring the family, bring friends, there's..."

Middfest International featuring The Netherlands - 10/06/2007
"It's Middletown's biggest annual event coming up this weekend, Middfest International with our host country this year being The Netherlands. Each..."

Middfest Presents the Diary of Anne Frank - 9/20/2007
"Christine Brunner has worked her magic again, she has brought together a deligthful cast which I am sure will leave their mark on the hearts of..."

Middfest International Features Area Dutch Families - 9/04/2007
"As with all Middfest International celebrations, there are families in the immediate area with ties to the featured country—The Netherlands..."

Middfest Preparations Taking Shape - 7/18/2007
"A large windmill is being constructed in the grove of trees west of the Middletown City Building, the focus piece for Middfest International 2007..."

Middfest International Featuring The Netherlands in October - 6/19/2007
"The culmination of a year-long educational program is a three-day celebration of the art, culture, music, dance, history, science, food, religion, education..."

Middfest Exhibits Open For a Preview - 9/22/2006
"Middfest International Kicks off This Sunday At Middletown City Building Exhibits open for a preview at 2:30 Food, Entertainment and Bubble Tea..."

Middfest International Exhibit Opening and Artist Reception - 9/20/2006
"For a sneak preview of art, artist and bubble tea attend the exhibit opening for Middfest International 2006 in celebrating the culture and customs of..."

Poker Tournament to Benefit Middfest International - 3/23/2006
"What: Poker Tournament to benefit Middfest International. When: Saturday, April 8, Doors open at 11am, play begins at Noon. Where: 3244 Roosevelt..."

Middfest International's Brain Storming Meeting - 3/02/2006
"Middfest International's first idea and brain storming meeting will take place at 10:30am on Saturday, March 4 at MidFirst Credit Union across from..."

Hope Taft Coming to Middfest International - 9/30/2005
"Ohio's First Lady, Hope Taft, will be coming to Middfest International on Sunday, October 2, at 3pm. To add to the celebration of 25 Years of..."

Middfest Business Breakfast - Reminder - 9/30/2005
"Tomorrow morning, Friday, at 7:45am Middfest International, with Chair Scott Stacy, is hosting the annual Sponsors and Business Breakfast at the..."

Worldy-Wise Middfest International Plans for 2005 - 9/19/2005
"Opening preview is Sunday, September 25th at 2:30pm. This special date is designated for volunteers and sponsors to get a close look at the results..."

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